Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If it walks like a duck .....

and dresses like a duck.......

Who knows if it's a duck.......    The Boss owns a 1974 Carrera RS.......Original Ducktail.  This Black 86 wants one.
 For years I have been complaining about the poor quality of duck tails that we install but I have never been asked to do one, until now.  Metal based and fiberglass top to mimic the original one.

And I must say, what a paint in the rear.  I do understand now why the more affordable ones are of such poor quality,  the hours that are involved in a project like this are not cost effective.  Once you move one thing, everything else changes angles.

So, for us to make this a production item is not a reality, but we do have a couple of orders, some of our clients are very dedicated to their cars and want to have a duck tail made specific the their car.......and that is something to brag about.