Monday, April 30, 2012

All them pretty horses

Will drag you away....

When the National Geographic Channel was filming this car for their show "Break it Down  Porsche in Pieces

They wanted to see the owner drive away into the sunset.........Fat chance, we where so far behind and there was no time to even align  and corner balance it.  For safety reasons, this was a must.

And even though nobody saw big red burn rubber or doing a zoom zoom dance up and down the 405 Freeway. it was worth the wait.

After getting a big intercooler and installing  a e-boost controller from TurboSmart, the gates opened and all the horses got out, all 436 of them and at 14 lbs of boot they created a lot of torque

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Horror stories

They do happen from time to time

If one researches a shop, or one is recommended to one,  why is this the result ??

A 1974 911 that is in need of some TLC goes to a shop,  a promise of an excellent job is made and price is agreed.   After months and a lot of unhappiness, the result was not what was promised, sad to say but it was just make up.
I know I've had my shares of mistakes throughout my years of grease monkey, but to put 4 different bolts to hold the engine lid.....really, the most basic of things.

The horror of it is that the suspension pan was just tacked, I was surprised that the suspension did not fall off.   As luck would have it, our customer finally found TRE Motorsports and they recommended us to take care of Greenie,  we were supposed to take care of the suspension area and a few small things.

This car is special, it deserves the proper job and my customer said, I want the car the way it was on July 30th of 1974.

Stay tune..........