Tuesday, March 20, 2012

all geared up....

Man !!  why is it taking so long.......

Well,  let me explain;  Some people call themselves gear heads, or weekend wrenchers,  they love that kind of stuff.....
I don't ,  we are just good at it, and on top of that, a really good deal came on this six speed transmission came along,  how can you say no,  limited slip, steel synchros on first, second, third and forth and geared to do 200 mph with no problems,  this thing was built for racing, and/or going on a trip to the Sin City.
Now, let's clean the air that is going to be forced into the turbos
Space is becoming very scarce once more elements go into this engine bay,  at this point we have to use flex 3 inch hose to be able to maneuver around  the other items that were invited to this party.  It won't be long.........

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hello...hello.....is this thing on ???

It looks like I blink once and three weeks go by.

While we were working on the air intake for our twin turbo cab, one of our team members said:  what is that electrical tape doing in that side of the loom.....??

We were so excited that all the pipes were coming together......but now we have to stop and check that electrical tape.

Oh boy, it seems like in its traveling through the various shops of the Sutherland, it encountered a crimping monster.........why am I not surprised ??

Rather than to find who to blame, let's take of the problem shall we........
Since we are replacing and adding some items that require disconnection every now and them. we will go with the ones that would do quality work, easy to use and nice looking too .

After removing the section of the harness that had been cut and crimp, we are left with a little shorter section.....not to worry, we will rerouted to make look good.
Deutsch connector are going to be our choice.