Monday, September 26, 2011

Suspension pan

Not too many months go by without one of these jobs coming in. 

And with each job there is always something different about the parts.

There are different vendors and they have their following, so many times parts are provided by the client, who's done some research, so may times I hear  "all you have to do..."

We have performed this procedure may dozen times, and there is always something we don't approve of the parts
I noticed on this particular part that the A arm mounting points were just tacked,  some may think that it is enough, but not us, after all, it is a very important area.
I think it would be very irresponsible of me not to do anything about it, sure it may be overkill, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

In this case...more is better.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The reunion

These two air cooled turbos have not been in the shop since National Geographic Channel aired the episode of "Break it Down"

I was surprised to see them arrive almost at the same time.
 What was called the 75 Beast on National TV came to get a few adjustments and details, and we gave it new HID eyes, and LED bulbs all around, some details around the fog lamps to jazz it up a bit. we also install a high efficiency cooler fan with thermo control unit to make sure oil stay at temperature, even in heavy traffic, after all,   .......this is L. A.

Big red has been quiet  since its TV debut, but now it's ready to play and we have to give it the toys to do so.

A manual boost controller to start, so if you are in need of more boost, just press play.
A couple of electrical Gremlins were running rogue behind the gauges giving the tach and speedo a hard time..........but it's all better now.

Oh ! and the white leather interior got a good scrubbing to get so white as driven snow.

I you haven't seen our cameo on the Nat Geo Channel, feel free...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The S files

When it comes to vintage automobiles, we are all purist, or at the very least very hard core enthusiasts.

But shallow pockets sometimes make us sin......

That is why we find ourselves in this particular junction.  Again, a vehicle  that was advertised as pristine, left a lot to be desired.  Some enthusiasts will have an expert perform a PPI (pre purchase inspection)  others......well........we are all knowing at some point, and over enthusiasm will get the best of you.
 Alternatives to OEM will give the choice of different compression ratios, therefore a good engine builder can find a few more horses coming out of the stable.

This S motor is coming alive, next stop   .........

Let's see if the body is going to match this engine.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There is no spark......

Don't you hated when this happens...

A person buys an engine from an unknown vendor, vendor claims that it is in pristine shape.

Of course, it might've been....

 For the looks of it, somebody was trying to work on it, took half of the top end and then left out in the open, never thinking about rain and moisture, I was surprise I didn't find any critters when I took it apart.
 I have tools to do any kind of job, but in this case, hammer and chisel were required, no I am not kidding, some pf the pistons were so rusted they became one with the barrel

But now here is the kicker, in order to save some money, customer decided to get possible compromising parts, aka used.

We understand the need to save money, but in the long run it might cost a lot more, for starters, we can not fully guarantee the performance of the engine when done.

Keep on revving, we will see.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'll tell you what I want.......

What I really, really want....

After a few moons of working on this Golden Targa, we have changed a few things, and now that our client has road tested, a few things came under review.
Though the whole interior has been re done with suede, leather and the skin of some exotic birds, a few things seem to be out of place or out of date.

From this angle, the shift knob is really an eye sore. so much difference from the LED courtesy lights on the foot well, we are going to keep those and replace the knob.
Now.  from this angle you can agree that the steering wheel really needs to go, even though we gave it some skin, still, it does not cut it,  We are going to need MOMO,  Millennium Evo to be exact. It is a cool looking wheel that will go the modernized version of this Targa.
The E brake handle was not made to our client liking, so a billet piece will have to replace one half of it to avoid wear and tear.
In a few days we will see the delivery truck with all our goodies and our list will get shorter, should be fun, we also order new front blinstein sports struts, and our second test should take place.
Are we having fun yet.....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Conda line

You mean Conga line, no I mean conda line......

It's been a week worth of work just to get all these lines even, but I'll tell why,  some time ago, the owner of TRE Motorsports got this 1970 S, the car was in pieces, as if someone has started too work on it.  When were commissioned to restore it. I suggested that the car has to be put back together before we start the body work.

I always wonder why nobody listens to me, it's not that I like doing this, rather this is what I do for a living........

Long story short, being that this is a special car, now we have to redo the whole enchilada, this time, my way;  We assembled all the parts, make sure that all the gaps and lines are even, the it will be taken apart to repaint.

Bits of rust were dealt with as well as the lead in the joining areas of the body. soon enough the body will be prep to take a bath in single stage paint of the original Conda green.

Apparently this has to be magazine worthy........we shall see.