Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rolling down the highway......

....not quite yet, but we are getting there.
After changing everything on this old body and giving it a new face lift, a tummy tuck and some botox, 
A new wardrobe has been added to this body in the shape of 993 interior, gauges and oil tank, a boxster roll bar that has been modified to fit this body
Now we need accessories.......
Sometimes I see my wife looking at a pair of earrings for the longest time, it makes me wonder what the heck I am doing at at the mall, not shopping.

But this is the way you buy rims, they can make your car or .....not
Another thing to consider is that size does matter, as well as offset,  what size wheel to get, and what size rubber........decisions, decisions , decisions,  can't use fuchs wheels, that would not go with our reinvented body
We used one of our  client's wheels to measure, and it was a good fit, but even though the ride is down in a non operating state, the set is not for sale.
We did found the name of the wheel, now the mission is, should you chose to accept it, to find out if it is still available.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just venting.......

So that the intercoolers can get some air

They are going to be inside the quarter panels, though they are going to have cooling fans, we still need to create some flow.

I have seen other versions of vents and frankly, they look like holes to me.
 So we need to be creative, by opening the quarter panels that high allows the air to travel through the wheel well and reach the intercooler and at the same time it will give some to the brakes.
 Stainless still mesh was used to dress it up, because we still have to be stylish.

I was thinking of using the torsion bar opening to do a brake cooling thingy, but for now it's only a thought.
 Now we turn our attention to the other side, for this application we went with louvers just to give it a hot rod kind of look.  We had some pieces done and then we graph then to the quarter extensions.

With everything in place, now it's time to hang the intercoolers and air intake.

It won't be long before this big dog starting barking.....and who knows maybe a bite or two.

Hang around, it won't be long........

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cool it baby.......

It's always fun to see the delivery truck, that means we are going to build stuff....

This week, we will be busy doing some intercoolers, and size does matter.  The two little ones are going to be hidden under the quarter panels of the REINVTD twin turbo. the larger one is to replace a name brand that, although expensive, is not very efficient.  We must take care of that problem, after all, nobody wants to be full of hot air.
 Since we are taking care of the temperature of the oil, by adding an extra oil cooler and fan, we might as well take care of the temperature of the air, so we are going to replace that name brand one with one of our custom made.
 Since we are restricted by someone else's measurements, we can install it in the must efficient way, insuring that the airflow receives the must amount of cooling before it hits the intake.

Friday, August 19, 2011

At the end of the tunnel....

...there is light...

 We got a little sidetracked while waiting for parts and dealing with the drama sometimes this place goes under,  needless to say, morale was a bit low this week.

But there is no need for crying over spilled milk, a set back can only make us stronger.

So let's get back to the fun side of Axiom,  the reinvention of this 74 former Targa.
 The 3.1 litre is in and now it's time for some fabrication, the intercoolers will be placed under the quarter panels, with custom plumbing to the 70mm throttle body,  twin oil-less turbos attached with V band and custom exhaust with a center outlet.

 Pro 128 ECU with all the goodies in it, capable of  using flex fuel without changing maps,  this is how the big boys play....

I know it is taking longer than anticipated,  but I can see the light now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Between the lines

On this episode of the "Challenge"......

We got ourselves a 1970 S that belongs to the owner of TRE Motorsports.  It started a long time ago, but being busy with so many other projects, we (TRE & Axiom)  decided to put it on pause for a little while.

The other day we got an E-Mail from TRE:  "We need to finish my Conda Green, and it has to be perfect"

I guess I could use a little more pressure in my life........

I may be crucified for saying so, but these cars were never perfect, that's the reason it has shims on the doors and adjustments on all others parts.

But because this is car for show, we will call it an "Axiom/TRE gold standard build"

As we speak, all the gaps are being adjusted, each one has to be exactly like the other one, to do this, we have to put the car back together, and then take it apart for body work.

Every detail has to be as if today was 1970 at a Porsche dealership.

As we peel everything out of the shell, we will document everything, who knows, we get some cool pictures.

Stay tune...........

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Special one

I have been around cars for a long time, when I was a kid I (kind of) stole a camera just to take pictures of cars, but I never developed the film

 by the time I was 16, I had a little oops, trying to be cool I went through a wall, I am sure there was a girl involved in this.
Shy of 18, I woke up in L A and got my first real job.

The other day someone insisted that I must see this car........a 1970 El Camino turbo charged...........the emergency brake didn't work, the paint was bad..bla bla bla.  I was telling my wife how many cars I have restored, not by myself, but I have been in charged, and she asked  "Which is your favorite ??

 Being that the human brain is the fastest CPU in the world, cars flashed in my head at  warp speed....there have been a few that I liked, and the customers that had that vision.  There was the replica of the 1971 Monarch Blues Brothers, or the 1957 Chevy Ice Cream truck that was turned into an Army truck and dedicated to fallen soldiers of Vietnam...."Kill Roy was here" got drawn on every panel and the upholstery was made out of parachute canvas, this truck was cool.  The 1941 Horch was interesting, I wonder if it is still at the Black Hawk Museum. of course every Corvette from 1964 to 1999, a bunch of Camaros and Chevelles, Fords and Mopars.........I had fun restoring those big chrome beauties from the fifty's, from those I enjoy the most the 64 Edsel,  too bad I don't have a picture, and the 65 Lincoln convertible, I had a thing for the suicide doors.

Every car  has been special, and every customer have has fun during the build,  from the all stock all original to the "Beast"

Monday, August 8, 2011

I felt the disturbance in the force....

After months of hard and tedious work to get our customer behind the wheel of his ride.....

TRE Motorsports was in charge of delivering this twin turbo C4 dressed in a 959 outfit, once they took care of some suspension issues,  customer got the keys.

This was a long build, with so much detail going to it, but it took just a moment to inflict some serious damage to it,  I wonder if texting was involved, because if you can't see this beast, your eyes are not on the road.

The headers, muffler, right side turbo and all the stainless steel lines are bent out of shape, and for the body, well, there are not replacement parts......

We are going to have to reconstruct it.

Lucky for him, we have the technology, we have the capability, we can make it better, we can it stronger, we can make it cue in six million dollar man theme music....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bright lights, Bright lights !!!

HID headlights................if they only knew how to aim them

They blind me from wherever angle they come, I've seen some flickering, others are looking for UFOs, and others are looking for ants, some have a combination of both.

Here is a rule of thumb,  if you see the head of the driver in front of you....they're too high
But bright lights attract everybody, so we have to install them when asked,  we do run into some electrical gremlins every now and then, after all, these are old cars, and they have been around.
They say they improve your view by a 100%,  that is providing you are not going the other way.  I may consider installing them on my car, I do travel hwy 58 towards Bakersfield,  on that road, you need these puppies.
I will make sure these HIDs are aimed properly,  why make it difficult for the other guy on the road. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's all in your head............s

Do you want to ride the Kroken ?

That has been the question of the week, those who has ridden it became 5 year old kids, some have been scared and some still have a big grin on their faces.
Being that we hardly have any boost on this air cooled turbo charged cab, the critics have shown their presence and wonder why this ride is so wild.

The crankshaft and it's 6 friends give it that torquing feeling...aka  .... headbanging. !

But the real power comes from the heads, they are the key in making horsepower, they determine how much air goes in and out of any motor.

I said it before and I say it again......breath baby ...breath
The Boss uses 28 inches of water to flow heads, at this pressure the CFMs will maximized the horsepower of any engine, and with the right amount of fuel and timing........put your arms up and enjoy the ride.